• 【Fireflies along the Kanbayashi River】
    Kanbayashi River is a habitat for the many hotaru (fireflies).
  • 【Giant Mizume Tree in Kamitsubai】

    Designated as one of the 100 Giant Trees in Japan by the national Forestry Agency. Visitors can hike up to the tree (2 hours and 30 mins walk) from Kami-ichiba bus stop in Kanbayashi.
  • 【Great Tachi-iwa (standing rock) in Yamaga】
    Designated as one of the 200 places of extraordinary scenic beauty in Kyoto prefecture. It is about 20 meters high and its circumference measures 40 meters.
  • 【The Great Japanese Horse Chestnut Tree】
    The tree is about 2,000 years old and the largest in Kyoto prefecture with its 23 meter height. It stands near Kohmyoji Temple and Mt. kiminoo.
  • Unkai (sea of clouds) over
    Mt. Kiminoo and Mt. Fujiyama