Kurotani washi paper

With a history stretching back 800 years, Kurotani washi (traditional Japanese paper) is designated as an Intangible Cultural Asset of Kyoto Prefecture.

Ayabe Onsen (natural hot spring baths)

Nestled amid the natural splendor of Ayabe Kanbayashi, Ayabe Onsen Nio-no-Yu is a natural hot spring with one of the best water compositions in the prefecture, rich in hot spring minerals and marvelously effective.

Daikazoku no Yu Onsen (Natural Hot Spring Spa) Kyo Ayabe Hotel

At the Kyo Ayabe Hotel, on a hill nestled amid abundant nature overlooking the pure waters of the Yura River, is the new Daikazoku no Yu natural hot spring spa, with waters that give you beautiful skin. 

Sakae Onsen Ushi no Yu (Natural Hot Spring Spa)

This natural hot spring spa is located in front of Ayabe Station, so it’s easy to drop in after work or while on vacation.
There are indoor and outdoor baths, both of which are 100% natural hot springs.