Ayabe City Sightseeing Guide|綾部市観光協会


Ayabe City Sightseeing Guide

Ayabe is located almost exactly in the middle of Kyoto Prefecture.

It is said that in ancient times it was ruled by the Ayabe clan, who were highly skilled weavers, and that this is the source of the city’s name.

Ayabe’s history of thread and textile manufacture continued thereafter, and one of Japan’s leading manufacturers, the multinational enterprise Gunze, was established here.

The city flourished with the growth of the textile industry, and this history is reflected in charming historic buildings such as restaurant-inns and machiya (townhouse) style shops that can still be seen around town.

On the outskirts of the city is a rural and pastoral landscape where people live side by side with nature.

There are many ways to have fun here: enjoy outdoor sports in the clear air, relax and unwind at a hot spring while looking at the beautiful scenery, visit national treasures and historic sites that speak eloquently of Ayabe’s history and culture, and more.

There are also renovated old-fashioned private homes where tea and cuisine are served and accommodations are offered.

You are sure to enjoy your time in Ayabe, whether going on a spontaneous day trip, visiting as a stop on a longer journey, or savoring a soothing getaway in a relaxing environment.

Charming architecture, natural scenery, intriguing history and more await you here in Ayabe.