About Ayabe city

Ayabe sits almost in the middle of Kyoto Prefecture. It gets its name from the Ayabe clan, which long ago ruled the region and was known for its superb textiles, and the region's historical association with the industry lives on in local firm turned global manufacturer Gunze.

Ayabe's varied attractions offer something for all tastes. In the center, the city's architectural heritage is preserved in the traditional stores, restaurants, and ryokan that line the streets. Just beyond the outskirts, meanwhile, you can pursue outdoor sports, relax in hot springs, and discover sites of cultural and historical interest set amid beautiful, unspoiled countryside. You can also enjoy a meal, tea, or even a stay in one of the city's restored old Japanese-style houses.

Ayabe makes the perfect destination for a day out, a stopover on the way elsewhere, or a longer vacation, so why not visit us!

Here is Ayabe city