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Yamaga Sakura (cherry blossom) Festival

The Sakura Festival is held every year in Yamaga Castle Park. At this lively festival, participants thrill to the rhythms of powerful taiko drums, and there is a variety of entertainment including the annual fukumochi maki (throwing auspicious rice cakes out to the crowd), singing performance, jazz performance, and bingo game.

Basic information

NameYamaga Sakura (cherry blossom) Festival
Access(Train) Approx. 25 min. walk north from JR Yamaga Station
(Car) After going past the Kyotanba-wachi Interchange entrance on National Route 27, enter Ayabe City, drive along the mountains and then up the slope next to the fire engine garage
TEL0773-46-0345(Yamaga Community Center)
RemarkDate of annual event: Sunday in early April

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