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Sea of clouds around Mt. Kimino-o

Mt. Kimino-o is a mountain with an altitude of 582 meters, in the Kanbayashi area northeast of Ayabe. When you climb Mt. Kimino-o in autumn or winter, you can see the mountains of the Tanba area shrouded in mist, their peaks resembling islands in a sea of clouds.

Basic information

NameSea of clouds around Mt. Kimino-o
Access(Bus) From JR Ayabe Station, take Aya Bus Kanbayashi Line or Omi-Ichinose Line, get off at Kimino-o-san-guchi bus stop, approx. 60 min. walk. (Car – to Komyo-ji Temple Nio-mon Gate Parking Area midway up the mountain) Turn right at the Yamaga intersection on National Route 27, proceed north. Turn left before the Aya Bus Yugeguchi bus stop, and proceed along Mt. Kimino-o climbing path.
TEL0773-42-9550(Ayabe City Tourism Association)

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