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Hangetsu-an Traditional Snacks

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As part of an initiative to revitalize shopping arcades, a 150-year-old machiya townhouse has been converted into a purveyor of traditional rice-based snacks, while retaining its old-fashioned ambience.

In the dynamic high-ceilinged interior, enjoy sampling the treats and choose your favorite.
We recommend the various kinds of senbei (rice crackers) and dorayaki (two small pancakes with bean jam in between) made with 100% rice flour.
There is also a popular area where you can try your hand at baking rice crackers.
NameHangetsu-an Traditional Snacks
AccessApprox. 10min. walk from JR San’in Main Line, Ayabe Station.
Business hours9:00-18:00
Name / Hangetsu-an Traditional Snacks

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