Otsuki Seikaho

Founded in the Toyosato district of Ayabe in 1967, this sweets shop has been loved by the people of Ayabe for many years.
Sweets such as dorayaki (two small pancakes with bean jam in between), ohagi (rice ball coated with sweetened red beans, soybean flour or sesame), and kuzu-mochi (arrowroot mochi) are made with local ingredients and traditional techniques.

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Basic information

Access Approx. 10 min. on foot west of JR Ayabe Station
Phone 0773-42-9882
Business hours


Regular holiday Irregular holidays
Website http://otsukiseika.com/
Remarks Parking lot of Matsumoto supermarket, Ayabe store


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〒623-0066 京都府綾部市駅前通り東石ヶ坪11番地の4
TEL : 0773-42-9550 FAX : 0773-42-8514