Daikazoku no Yu Onsen (Natural Hot Spring Spa) Kyo Ayabe Hotel

At the Kyo Ayabe Hotel, on a hill nestled amid abundant nature overlooking the pure waters of the Yura River, is the new Daikazoku no Yu natural hot spring spa, with waters that give you beautiful skin. 
From the outdoor bath with a panoramic view, you can see the open sky and the mountains that change with the four seasons.
You can bathe in the dewy freshness of morning, watching the Yura River flow by as you soak in a delightful tub.
This is an ideal spot for families, couples, or individuals on their way home from work or at leisure.
On the first floor of the hotel there is a café and an izakaya (Japanese dining pub) style restaurant, and on the second floor there is a new noodle shop that opened at the same time as the onsen.


Basic information

Access [By car] From Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway Ayabe Interchange, approx. 10 min.
[By bus] From JR Ayabe Station, take Aya Bus, Shimizuigaoka / Kyo Ayabe Hotel Line. Get off at Kyo Ayabe Hotel-mae (a short distance from the bus stop)
Phone 0773-40-2691

Adults (Junior high school students and older) :700yen

Elementary school students:400yen

Preschool children and younger:200yen

Business hours


Regular holiday Open year-round
Website http://www.hotelayabe.jp/index.html
Remarks [Spring water quality] Isotonic, low-temperature, weakly alkaline sodium-chloride hot spring


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