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Ayabe tourist guide - Ayabe Tourist Association
Access to Ayabe City

【By Car】

From Kyoto: Approx. 80km via Kyoto Jukan Expressway→ National Route 27
From Osaka: Approx. 115km via the Chugoku Expressway → Maizuru Wakasa
Expressway, or Approx. 90km via National Route 176 → National Route 173 → National Route 27
From Nagoya: Approx. 215km via the Meishin Expressway → Hokuriku Expressway →Maizuru Wakasa Expressway or Approx. 210km via the Higashi Meihan Expressway → Shin-Meishin Expressway → Meishin Expressway → Kyoto Jukan Expressway → National Route 27

【By train】

From Kyoto: Approx. 1hr on the Sanin Main Line (Limited Express)
From Osaka:Approx. 1hr 50mins on the Tokaido Main Line (New Rapid Service) →Sanin Main

Line (Limited Express) or Approx. 1hr 50mins on the Fukuchiyama Line (Limited Express) → Sanin Main Line
From Nagoya: Approx. 2hrs on the Shinkansen → Sanin Main Line (Limited Express)

【By scheduled bus】

From Osaka:Approx. 2hrs 10mins direct
From Tokyo (Shinagawa): Approx. 8hrs 30mins direct