• 【Ayabe City Astronomical
    Observatory: Pao】
    It boasts one of the largest reflecting telescopes in Japan with its 95 centimeter diameter, which enables the observation of galaxies as well as planets.
  • 【Ayabe City Museum】

    Visitors can appreciate important cultural relics from ancient eras and learn about the historical heritage of Ayabe City.
  • 【Ayabe Gunze Square】
    Ayabe Gunze Square consists of three attractions: Ayabe Tokusankan, Gunze Museum, and Ayabe Rose Garden.
    Here you can buy local produce, find out more about where to visit in Ayabe, and enjoy desserts made with locally grown green tea.
  • 【Yura River-side Flower Park】
    It hosts an annual event between April 29 through May 5 where various different types of flower gardens are exhibited by local gardeners.