• 【Ayabe Fureai (community) Stock Farm】
    It houses a petting zoo and a restaurant specializing in grilled food.
  • 【Ayabe Onsen (hot spring):Nioh-No-Yu and Nioh-Kan】
    Nioh-No-Yu is a public bath house where you can enjoy many different types of hot springs, such as a hot spring with medicinal herbs, an open-air hot spring, as well as other sauna facilities. The Nioh-Kan houses a Japanese restaurant, gift shop and nine guest rooms.
  • 【Ayabe Satoyama Center (operated by Satoyama Net Ayabe - non-profit organization)】
    The center was established with the purpose of promoting the countryside lifestyle, based on the core values of sustainable and environmentally responsible development and respect for the local cultural heritage. The center coordinates activities such as “Farm home stay” and promotes community-based economic development such as green tourism and social entrepreneurship.
  • 【Kurotani Washi
    (traditional hand-madeJapanese paper)】
    The origin of Kurotani washi can be traced back to the ancient Heian era (794-1185). At the Washi Center, you can see exhibitions on the history of washi making techniques and purchase a variety of washi products.
  • 【Kurotani Washi (traditional hand-madeJapanese paper) Kogei-No Sato】
    The craftsmanship of producing Kurotaniwashi has a history of over 800 years and is designated as an intangible cultural treasure by the Kyoto prefecture. this washi craft center accepts reservations from groups of 6 or more people to participate in a washi-making class. Contact center directly for more information.
  • 【Nioh Park】

    Neighboring Ayabe Hot Spring, this park houses two mini golf courses, tennis courts, gateball courses and a cafeteria for light meals.